TOLA is located in the beautiful city Longhua Dalang, and owns a leading technology research and development team, has more than 40 new practical and invention patents. 20 thousand square meters of production base, to create the excellent quality of TOLA product. After 12 years of development, TOLA has developed into a leading brand in China's roof rack industry.

      TOLA - traveling load, a wonderful trip! TOLA devoted to the design and development of the roof rack, roof tray, roof box, roof bicycle carrier, rear mount bicycle carrier and so on. With safety, environmental protection, simple fashion features.

      TOLA is a cooperator of UCI ring race and other competitions. There were competitions: 2017 Chinese (UCI 2.1), 2014-2017 Poyang Lake, 2017 National Games, Wuyishan International Conference 2014-2016 riding, 2014-2017 love China and other events, and get “ the best partner ” title.

      TOLA team is guided by design, survival by quality, strives for development with new products, and takes customer satisfaction as the center. The pursuit of perfect quality and superior technology, the company has high-precision production equipment and advanced inspection equipment. With a strong service team to focus on the user experience, we will understand your outdoor community needs, design and production of the best products to meet your requirements. 

      TOLA team has excellent design and manufacturing experience, the commitment of the majority of customers: TOLA product warranty is 5 years!

      TOLA, Let’s go together!